We push daily to find new ways to delight our customers.


Our fast-paced, youthful spirit is firmly established in all levels of our growing organisation and ensures our company is looking to the future and courageously driving forward.


Our data-driven approach and fast paced culture allow us to bring innovation to the market and continually establish ourselves as market leaders.


Our world class facilities and highly educated team members ensure our manufacturing standards are constantly pushing forward and allowing for perpetual growth.


Our quality is reinforced by the accountability up held by numerous government and private certification bodies we work with to ensure we exceed their standards.



Our people first approach to business in the modern world means that we take time to listen to our customers and make them feel heard. We pride ourselves on being closer to our customers than our competition, and this authentic care can be felt at every level of our organization. It is The Ausray Groups mission is to provide quality products you want, at prices you can afford, and the only way we can do this is to know you deep enough to offer it to you.


We have been able to achieve a level of success by building a culture of excellence. The Ausray Group is made up of individuals who seek out challenges and love to test themselves against the toughest of opponents and obstacles. This competitive nature has built a strong atmosphere of performance excellence and standards that continue to position our brands at the top of industries.


We take our corporate responsibility very seriously and strive to be leaders and role models when it comes to doing business in an ethical way, at all times. We aim to make the most impact across all touch point of our organisation, and seek to do good where ever we can. This means supporting our shareholders and stakeholders with value beyond their expectations, while improving the lives and environment of anyone else we may come in contact with. In addition to this we actively seek out charitable organisations and causes that can make the largest impact by improving the world we live in and the future world our children will inhabit.


Because we understand that fresh, new ideas drive our innovation and success, we heavily invest into our people. Internal development is a large part of the Ausray culture and is the company’s greatest investment. Because we are always striving for growth we encourage our team to be courageous and learn from failure, this allows our team to be excited to bring their creativity, education and energy to their work daily.